About Us

Watson Cleaning Services, Inc. has been in business since August of 1995.  We started with 3 technicians and 8 clients.  We incorporated our business divisions under the Watson Cleaning Services, Inc. name in July 1998.

Watson Cleaning Services, Inc. attributes its growth to these main factors.  

Providing quality work at an affordable price.

Staffing our buildings with honest, trustworthy, well trained service techs.

Expanding our scope of service to meet our client’s needs.

Providing potential customers with impeccable references verifying our integrity.


WCSI promotes a commitment to ethical and professional conduct by all staff members.  We adhere to all legal hiring practices. We promote from within where possible. We do not discriminate against any race, religion, creed, age, sex, or other protected class.

WCSI employs safe cleaning standards, custom suited to each client’s particular business.  


WCSI works with all staff members on an ongoing basis to assure that safe and efficient practices are being utilized in all facilities.  Cleaners are offered more work and more money when they do well and they lose work and money when their performance suffers.